HubSpot’s CMS Hub: Enterprise v Professional – which is best for you?

Elena Harris
Posted by Elena Harris
18 May 2020

HubSpot recently launched their brand-new CMS, the CMS Hub, packed full of exciting new features at brand-new Professional and Enterprise tiers. They each have different features sets to cater for businesses with different needs.

But what are the major differences between Professional and Enterprise? This article talks you through the features of the CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise to help you decide which CMS Hub is right for you. 

Introduction to the CMS Hub

The CMS Hub is the next evolution of HubSpot’s CMS. It has been developed by HubSpot to directly address the historical trade-off between CMS ease of use for marketers and website scalability and also between CMS functionality and cost.

The CMS Hub is designed to scale with your company offering additional functionality as you need it, but not adding complexity or exorbitant cost.

8 Reasons the CMS Hub is the best CMS on the market

This is also the reason for the two CMS Hub tiers: Professional and Enterprise which offer ease of use for marketers when:

  • Creating and managing content
  • Getting found and capturing leads
  • Managing marketing objectives at scale (particularly CMS Hub Enterprise) 

Having two tiers enables the HubSpot CMS to cater for a wide range of businesses and organisations at multiple stages of growth and scale and with many differing business objectives.

The CMS requirements of a small company with less than 20 employees and only one or two people working directly on the website, are of course different from those of a company with a 1,000 employees and several teams actively working on a website.

A line drawing of a website with several users and teams using it

A line drawing of a computer with two users editing it







The CMS Hub Professional has been developed to deliver on the website needs of the smaller company and the CMS Hub Enterprise for the larger company.

Introduction to CMS Hub Professional

One of the most exciting new features within the CMS Hub Professional is themes. Themes allow marketers to easily update the look and feel of your website, and edit pages using new drag and drop interface, without having to rely on a developer.

drag and drop editing for a website

Additionally, the CMS Hub Professional contains great tools to ensure your website drives company growth such as:

  • SEO recommendations
  • A/B testing
  • Smart content
  • Contact attribution
  • Integrated HubSpot CRM

Introduction to CMS Hub Enterprise

The CMS Hub Enterprise has all of the functionality of the CMS Hub Professional, plus exciting features such as serverless functions and memberships - giving you the power to blur the lines between static web pages and web apps. This enables a developer to create powerful, personal and highly customised experiences for your customers, whilst still ensuring it is easy for your marketers to manage your website.

line drawing of a website with two arrows going both ways towards mobiles showing web apps using CMS Hub Enterprise

The CMS Hub Enterprise also enables you to gain governance at scale and extend your brand with these features:

  • Content Partitioning
  • Activity Logging
  • User and Team Permissioning
  • Multiple Brand Domains
  • Domains Page Testing

For a more in-depth look into the features of each CMS Hub check out this article from HubSpot.

Which CMS Hub is right for you?

HubSpot recommend the CMS Hub Professional for companies with between 10-200 employees and CMS Hub Enterprise for companies with 200-2,000 employees. However, it is important to consider the problems you are looking to solve with the CMS Hub and whether Professional or Enterprise have the functionality you need to solve them.

Download Now : What is a CMS? 

Five reasons you would need the CMS Hub Professional:

line drawing of a stopwatch

1. You are Spending too Much Time Maintaining and Updating Your Website 

The CMS Hub Professional is a SaaS (software as a service) system so HubSpot look after your content management system for you. The CMS Hub Professional is fast, safe and reliable with SSL certificates as standard and 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

2. You Cannot Make Updates to Your Website Without a Developer

The CMS Hub Professional makes website editing and content creation easy so you can involve a developer as much or as little as you want. The HubSpot marketplace also allows you to easily extend functionality with verified apps and assets; no coding necessary.

3. Your Current Website Makes Getting Found Online Difficult

a website with arrows twisted all around it

The CMS Hub Professional is an ‘all-in-one’ platform that helps you increase website traffic and generate leads. CMS Hub Professional has SEO recommendations, Google Search Console integration, live chat and bots, A/B testing and more, making optimising your website easier than ever.

4. You Want Your Website to be a More Personalised Experience

a line drawing of an image box with two potential imagesThe CMS Hub Professional comes with the HubSpot CRM absolutely free, allowing you to create dynamic pages smart content using the lists function. With local development, CMS staging, personalised content and multi-language content you can create remarkable website experiences for your website visitors.



5. You Need Website and Traffic Analytics

The CMS Hub Professional comes with traffic source analytics and page performance insights. On top of this, each contact in your CRM has a timeline of all the actions they have taken on your website. The CMS Hub Professional has all the tools you need to gain insights and analytics so you can continuously improve your website.

8 Reasons the CMS Hub is the best CMS on the market

Key features of CMS Hub Professional:

  • SaaS CMS with 24/7 Security Monitoring and Threat Detection
  • SSL Certificate as standard
  • Web Application Firewall
  • CDN 99.99% uptime
  • Drag-and-Drop Page Editors
  • Flexible Website Themes
  • SMART Content
  • Dynamic Content with HubDB
  • Content Staging
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Conversations: Live Chat and Bots
  • A/B testing
  • Contact Attribution Reporting
  • Integration with Google Search Console 

Five reasons you would need the CMS Hub Enterprise:

1. You Want Your Website to be a Powerful, Personalised, Experience 

two users being shown two different websites

The CMS Hub Enterprise enables developers to build a complex web-app experience which is easy for marketers to manage. Features like memberships, dynamic content and serverless functions make extending your content and creating a powerful and personalised website easier than ever.

Download Now : What is a CMS? 

activity log of a website page2. You are Struggling to Manage Your Team at Scale

The CMS Hub Enterprise has content partitioning, single, user and team sign on, activity logs and approval workflows so you can give the right people access to the right content and tools. The CMS Hub Enterprise also allows you to monitor activity to identify any issues before they happen.


 3. Managing Multiple Brands and Systems is Creating Complications

The CMS Hub Enterprise comes with the ability to manage multiple websites from a single portal. The CMS Hub Enterprise includes two brand domains, with the ability to add on more domains as an extra giving you the ability to quickly launch microsites as you need to. Along with multiple currencies and content partitioning the CMS Hub Enterprise supports you in scaling and managing your brand.

4. You Want Enhanced Security and a Higher Degree of Flexibility from Your Server Functions

The CMS Hub Enterprise comes with HTTP headers and supports reverse proxy support, so your IT team can load all content from a single trusted domain hosted externally. Allowing your IT team to keep track of activity, make security adjustments accordingly and easily monitor site performance.

5.You Want to Continuously Improve Your Website

a website being continuously improved

The CMS Hub Enterprise includes code alerts, document analytics, website pathways and adaptive page testing to give you a comprehensive understanding of how visitors are interacting with your website. A deeper understanding of your visitors and how they interact with your website helps you continuously improve your website. 



Key features of CMS Hub Enterprise:

  • Serverless Functions
  • Memberships using Single Sign-On
  • Content Partitioning
  • Single Sign-On
  • User and Team Permissioning
  • Activity Logging
  • Site Performance Reporting and API
  • Multiple Brand Domains
  • Content Partitioning
  • Adaptive page testing
  • All the features from the CMS Hub Professional

And what is the difference in price?

As you would expect a major difference between CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise is in price.

The CMS Hub Professional costs £196/month billed at £2,352/year or £245/month and the CMS Hub Enterprise costs £745/month billed at £8,940/year.

For more detailed pricing information please visit HubSpot's website.

D2e & the CMS Hub

D2e build all our websites on the CMS Hub because we think it is the best CMS out there. One of the reasons for this is that it will grow and scale along with your company and your business objectives. For 8 other reasons, please read this article: 8 Reasons the CMS Hub is the best CMS on the market.

If you are still unsure which CMS Hub is right for you, please book a meeting with us and we can discuss which CMS Hub is the best fit for your business.

Download: What is a CMS and how do they work?

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